Grain and Seed
Western Milling's Grain division is the largest single merchant and handler of red and white wheats in the state of California.  The Grain merchandising team has in excess of 130 years of experience in the handling and merchandising of California grains. We currently handle and store grains at 10 different country elevator sites in a five county area of the state. We possess more post harvest storage capacity than any other company in the State.

Additionally, we originate from the producer literally all row crops grown in the San Joaquin Valley: barley, wheat, milo, corn, alfalfa hay, and safflower. Furthermore, we sell planting seeds for several of these crops as well. We have exclusive distribution rights for the highest yielding, highest quality, highest volume Hard Red wheat variety in the state.  

Western Milling’s Grain division is also the leader in California wheat sales to the human consumption flour mill sector.

Summary of products and services:
• Farmer origination of barley, wheat, milo, corn, alfalfa hay, and safflower             
• Storage and handling of whole grains at 10 different facilities
• Drying of corn, milo and rice
• Handling of food grade wheat and corn
• Cleaning/screening of all grains
• Sales of row crop planting seeds
• Seed processing/conditioning at three locations throughout the state
• Provision of warehouse receipts
• Operation of two federally licensed Uniform Grain and Rice Storage Agreement facilities     
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